What are the Benefits?

Accfintax benefits are the indirect and non-cash compensation paid to an employee. These benefits are given to our employees over their salaries and wages. Accfintax believes employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Accfintax always thinks about their employee’s advantages and disadvantages.

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Words from the Team

ACCFINTAX is being aspired to render multidimensional services to its clients with professional competence and due care. The proximity between founders and employees creates a comprehensive team and motivation. I hope that the diligence and collaborative teamwork will lead ACCFINTAX towards the inclining accomplishment. It’s my pleasure to be a part of ACCFINTAX.

- Saiful Hossain Shaheen

Senior Manager

Accounting and BPO

This is my ideal working environment, as I thrive working as part of a team. I prefer working in a group where team members can encourage each other and share their ideas. I also enjoy working for a company where I know I can continue to grow my skills both personally and professionally.

- Sumaiya Rahman

Assistant Manager
HR and Admin
It’s a great pleasure to work with a brilliant team. Accfintax is the right choice to carry out a career in the consultancy field. I have learned new solutions by consulting with our experts about the new challenges each day. By sharing our knowledge we can give the best services to our valuable clients. Good luck to Accfintax for an excellent future.

- Arzu Iqbal

Senior Manager
Accounts and BPO

- Monjur Morshed

Senior Manager
Accounting and Tax
Accfintax has been constantly developing during the past five years. The goals that we stated at the beginning of the year are achieved and many more to go. Of course, these results were not just an accidental success but became a sequence of mutual work. I would like to express my gratitude to the employer for their creativity, knowledge, and experience.

- Emon Hosen

Assistant Manager
Tax and VAT
I like setting goals. I do it in my personal life, and ACCFINTAX allows me to set professional goals too, and develop new skills and knowledge. My work at ACCFINTAX never limits the personal time. ACCFINTAX’s inclusive environment welcomes everyone as they are.

- Dipu Ahamed

Finance and Budget